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Lese ● Ecommerce & Multi-Vendor

Lese ● Ecommerce & Multi-Vendor

Lese is the most famous knife brand in Georgia which has an online shop, professional sharpening service and multi-vendor platform for anyone to sell new or used knives online.

Lese wanted to have an online shop oriented toward knives and accessories and full multi-vendor functionality that would allow anyone to add a knife within the particular vendor’s category.

So we came up with the idea to use Woocommerce as a shop platform and heavily modified WCFM plugin for multi-vendor functionality.

Desktop View
Mobile View
Project details
WordPress, Woocommerce, Credit/Debit card payments, Social login (FB), Advanced product labels, Complex discount rules, Responsive on all devices, Inquiry Forms, Multi-Vendors, User Registration/verification, iOS/Android apps for ticket scanning

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